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תמונת מגזין Garin Afikim פורסם על ידי .
בתאריך 11/10/2013
בכתבה זו צפו 1881 גולשים

Hello, my name is Tal Grutman and I live in Kibbutz Afikim. During the past month I have become a real ‘Kibbutznik’, who eats in the ‘Cheder Ohel and use my bike everywhere and even wear ‘Kibbutznik’ sandals. The most amazing thing in the Kibbutz is how warm everyone is. During our first day, just a half hour afyer we arrived and got off the bus, people from the Kibbutz came to welcome and greet us. Our host families have also welcomed us with open arms, and even those of us that have a family in Israel have found a new sense of family on the Kibbutz. The pool is great, and the Sea of Galilee is only a bike ride away. The nature here in the North is flourishing everyday and we really enjoy it. We are so happy be here and truly feel at home

Tal Grutman


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