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בתאריך 11/10/2013
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Hello, my name is Eden, I am from Norway and I am 20 years old. I am a Garin Tzabar member from Kibbutz Dvir. The Garin and I first met in London where we had four preparation seminars before we made Aliyah. During those seminars we learned about the program, the army, Kibbutz life, Israeli culture, what it means to be part of a Garin and most importantly we got to know one another. On August 14th we started the absorption process here in Israel. It began with the official Garin Tzabar opening ceremony that took place in Tel-Aviv. After the ceremony we drove to the Kibbutz for the first time, and arrived at our new home for the coming years. There we met our staff that will guide and help us through our absorption process and army service. During our first three months in Israel we go through many activities that range from learning about the Israeli culture, building our Garin, physical training, trips all over Israel and more. What separates us from other ‘Garinim’ is that we all come from different countries and have a different background. We all have our personal reason for wanting to make Alyiah, but we share a common goal of wanting to serve a meaningful service in the IDF. Thank you Kibbutz Dvir for opening your arms to us. Thank you to the Tzofim, because of you this program exists. We thank everyone who supports us in our decision to make Aliyah and join the IDF

Eden Yadgar


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