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תמונת מגזין Garin Ein-Dor פורסם על ידי .
בתאריך 12/10/2013
בכתבה זו צפו 1777 גולשים

We have arrived from all over the United States, a few of us with fluent Hebrew, few with good Hebrew and few with minimal Hebrew. It took us a few days to get used to living on a Kibbutz. We had to get used to the silence, to the Heder Ochel (where we eat), living with a roommate, sharing basic things, and of course getting used to living far away from a major city. We spent a week at Sde-Boker, doing a week of ‘Gadna’ (taste of the army) with an army Sergeant who gave us a real feeling of what the army will be like. We all went together to do our ‘Tzav Rishon, we met our amazing host families, who we meet during the week for dinners and a great time. As the days go on we get to know each other more in depth, swim in the pool together, learn Hebrew, go out and have a great time together! We are getting ready for the army and life in Israel through numerous activities given to us by our staff on the kibbutz

Moran Greenberg


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