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תמונת מגזין Garin Kissufim פורסם על ידי .
בתאריך 12/10/2013
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On Wednesday, August 14th we all met in Israel for the first time at Tel Aviv University for the Garin Tzabar opening ceremony. Over 300 Garin members from all over the world came together for a heart-warming ceremony. After the ceremony we arrived in Kibbutz Kissufim where we met our wonderful staff: Rivka our Kibbutz Coordinator, Saar our social instructor, Shoshi our house-mother and of course Yuval and Anat our army coordinators

On erev shabbat (friday night) we were welcomed into Kibbutz Kissufm by the kibbutz members with a big Kabbalat Shabbat. We introduced ourselves to the members and our very own Inbar led us all in a song. During our first days on the kibbutz, we participated in many activities prepared by our staff including a treasure hunt around the kibbutz, a jeopardy game about the army, and team building exercises

 Our past couple of weeks has been pretty intense. Not everything has been easy, but it has given us a better understanding of what it will be like to be soldiers in the IDF. Probably the most intense few days of our time here so far were in Gadna. We put on madim (IDF uniform), slept in tents or in the field, and constantly followed commands as a way to learn discipline and prepare for the army. We got to know the army structure a bit better and had lessons with our commanders. There were definitely some very challenging moments but as a Garin we were there to support each other and get through the week successfully together. On Monday September 2nd we reached the point of no return at Tzav Rishon. This was the first step in the IDF evaluation process. We went through multiple tests and interviews of which the scores will help determine our positions in the army 

Shir Cohen


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