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תמונת מגזין Garin Bet-Rimon פורסם על ידי .
בתאריך 12/10/2013
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As an Oleh Chadash, learning Hebrew, adjusting to a different culture, and navigating the gauntlet that is Israeli bureaucracy can be quite daunting. This is especially true when going through the entire process alone as a Chayal Boded (Lone Soldier). Thankfully, the first month of Garin Tzabar has shown me that I will never truly be alone during my time as an Oleh Chadash and Chayal Boded. From my rigorous studies in Ulpan to sometimes (literally) holding my hand through various bureaucratic processes, I can happily say that my integration process is going smoothly. Although I may have an American accent stronger than Uncle Sam himself, my Hebrew skills and sense of ease around Israelis has certainly grown since arriving due to the warmness with which my Kibbutz (Bet Rimon) has welcomed our Garin

The genuinely kind welcome our Garin has received has been the most pleasant surprise of my Garin Tzabar experience as of yet. The Tzi’irim (youth) here have been nothing but welcoming, and it feels as if we are quickly becoming a part of their social circles. They have invited us to eat poike (pot-luck stew) with them, movie nights, and late night song circles at their mo’adon (lounge). In addition, many of Bet Rimon’s Kibbutznikim have made it clear for us that they are here to help support us during whatever may come during our military service, and are more than happy to help us in our integration process (especially correcting any mistakes we may make while speaking Hebrew). If the first month of Garin Tzabar has shown me anything, it’s that I will be able to handle my upcoming challenges as a Chayal Boded, as well as look forward to my future in Israel 

Jacob Rosenbaum



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