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בתאריך 12/10/2013
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Over the past month and a half, there has been no shortage of activity for the Southwest Garin on Kibbutz Holit.  Beginning before our touchdown into Ben Gurion Airport, all twenty-four of us have rushed from airplane aisles to government offices in order to satisfy all the paperwork for olim.  Everyone was excited for our first interaction with the army at our Tzav Rishon, but the excitement soon fizzled as we realized it is a day more of waiting than speaking.  Regardless of the boring paperwork and bureaucracy of the immersion process, we always enjoy hanging out as a Garin in our clubhouse or with our kibbutznik friends in the pub.  And if there is ever a boring moment on Kibbutz Holit, we are able to travel all over the Eshkol Council to visit our fellow Garin Tzabar members from other kibbutzim that study with us five days per week in Ulpan.  As the absorption process comes to a close and our Garin begins drafting into their army positions, we will cherish our time together that allowed us to make connections with one another and ultimately turned us into a supportive family

Joseph A. Bendah 


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