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תמונת מגזין Garin Lavi פורסם על ידי .
בתאריך 12/10/2013
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My name is Ari Tzvi Carroll, and I am from Garin Lavi. Our garin was formed in Israel, since all nineteen of us were studying, working, or on programs over the past year. We live on a Dati (religious) Kibbutz located in the North of Israel. Our staff of two coordinators from the Kibbutz and two army coordinators run activities for us about different aspects of the army, including how the rank systems work, how our draft will work, and more. The kibbutz members have been greatly welcoming, warm, and open to us, as we have all left our respective countries and families to make Aliyah and embark on this journey together. Our staff has organized adopted families for us. It is comforting and helpful to have an adopted family, since I am one with no family in Israel. Personally, my family has opened their house and arms to me, offering more than just a Shabbat meal here and there. As I have been away from my old home in Plymouth Meeting, PA for so long, having people like this is something that I have been lacking for some time. Daily, we have prayers Ulpan (Hebrew studies), and activities on various topics. Additionally, we have training sessions to help prepare us mentally as well as physically for what is waiting for us in the IDF 

From our first day on kibbutz, we made our way to the pool and sauna on kibbutz. Almost as if it were mandatory, we all go daily to the pool to hang out, and it has been agreed upon that we have bonded greatly from our time there. As a nice way to cool off from the summer weather, get in a nice workout, or simply hang out, we go routinely as a Garin. Each time one has decided that it is time to go, we mostly agree and leave together just as we came. Another exciting experience of our Garin so far was going to a Rosh HaShanah party on a local kibbutz, Kibbutz Gazit. The event was a great bonding experience for us all, including our staff. The food was delicious, the live music was entertaining, and we spoke to a man about lone soldiers and the role that we will soon be taking upon ourselves. For me, being a part of Garin Lavi 2013 has been so helpful so far. From the group aspect to the staff guiding us step-by-step, I am so glad that I chose to start my army service through Garin Tzabar 

Ari Tzvi Carroll


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